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About CIAO

The Centre of Expertise for Inclusive Organisations (Dutch: Centrum Inclusieve ArbeidsOrganisatie, abbreviated CIAO) offers a platform to all parties working professionally towards promoting sustainable participation in the labour market of all people, and especially those who are not able to participate in the current labour market independently.

CIAO aims to make and keep the labour market accessible for the diversity of talent in the labour market. By systematically redistributing work, organisations become accessible to people who are not able to participate in the current labour market, and the talent of the current working population can be brought to its full potential in a sustainable way.

Everybody has the right to participate in society to their own capacity. Having a paid job is the key to full participation, as it provides income to pay for a living. On top of that, having a paid job grants access to several important basic psychological needs, like structure, social contacts, a collective purpose, activity, and a sense of identity or status. That’s why we strive for an increasing amount of inclusive organisations. Inclusive organisations allow all people, even people with limitations or disabilities, to contribute to the best of their ability.

In order to increase the amount of inclusive organisations, we share our knowledge and expertise with:

  • Organisations wishing to become inclusive
  • Professionals wishing to help organisations achieve this or guide people who are unable to participate independently towards a paid job

CIAO is a Maastricht University based institute that was founded in close collaboration with the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency, UWV.

Our focus

The centre of expertise focusses on five core activities:

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1. Research and development

Research and development form the basis of CIAO’s activities. To keep work sustainable for both working people and those searching for jobs, CIAO conducts research and develops methods and instruments promoting an increase in sustainable participation in the labour market.

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2. Knowledge and information

CIAO aims to make existing knowledge that contributes to shaping inclusive organisations more accessible. This is done via:

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3. Counselling and guidance

CIAO counsels and guides employers and professionals in innovative projects to increase sustainable employability of working people and people searching for jobs. Moreover, CIAO initiates sector-oriented and regional collaborations regarding sustainable employability and inclusion.

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4. Training and education

CIAO provides a modular training programme aimed at making organisations inclusive. In this programme, inclusive redesign of work is considered to be an effective solution to the employer’s needs or problems regarding personnel. The various modules of the training programme address:

  • Use and necessity of inclusive organisations
  • Mapping out demand and supply
  • Work analysis
  • Participative redesign of work
  • Implementing workplace inclusion
  • Developing programmes for coaching and personal development
  • Sustainable employability

For more information, you can check out Education and training 

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5. Promoting and ensuring quality

CIAO intends to ensure the quality of educational and training programmes for professionals who help organisations to become inclusive. To this end, CIAO promotes applying knowledge, methods and instruments that have proven to be effective.

Moreover, CIAO aims to ensure the quality of professionals. For that reason, CIAO supports professionals’ knowledge networks to keep their knowledge up to date and to effectively put this knowledge into practice.




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