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Modular training programme Inclusive Organisation

The Centre of Expertise for Inclusive Organisations (Dutch: Centrum Inclusieve ArbeidsOrganisatie, abbreviated CIAO), a Maastricht University based centre of expertise focussing on inclusion and sustainable employability, has developed the modular training programme Inclusive Organisation. CIAO excels in executing and applying scientific research in practice. A lot of people cannot meet the increasingly high demands of the current labour market (anymore). CIAO intends to make and keep these people employable and has, to this end, continued to develop its Inclusive Work Redesign (IWR) (Dutch: Inclusief Herontwerp van Werk) method into IWR 2.0. In this model, the personnel problem of an organisation takes centre stage. The possibility of workplace inclusion effectively solving the specific personnel problems is explored from within the organisation. If workplace inclusion does, indeed, provide added value, the IWR 2.0 model provides tools to transform an organisation into a sustainable and inclusive organisation.

The various modules of the training programme address:

  • Use and necessity of inclusive organisations
  • Mapping out demand and supply, as well as (possible future) personnel problems and their solutions
  • Work analysis
  • Participative redesign of work
  • Implementing workplace inclusion
  • Inclusion, coaching and personal development within an organisation for people unable to participate in the current labour market independently
  • Sustainable employability

The educational concept of the programme is problem based learning (PBL). This fits the demand driven approach of the IWR-method and the philosophy of Maastricht University.

Who is the intended audience?

The modular training programme is intended for both those interested in inclusive and sustainable organisations and those looking to (further) specialise in becoming a counsellor for Inclusive Organisation or a consultant for working inclusively and sustainably. Managers, HR-officials, policy advisers and other people interested in learning more about inclusive and sustainable organisations, may take the ‘Introduction to and background of Inclusive Organisation’ module and/or the ‘Sustainable employability of new and current employees’ module. Professionals wishing to specialise in becoming a counsellor for Inclusive Organisation or a consultant for working inclusively and sustainably, may take multiple, selected modules and wrap up the programme with an aptitude test. For these two programmes, the professionals are interviewed beforehand and they should be capable of working an thinking at a higher professional education level. The modules or programmes will only take place if there’s a minimum of ten participants.

Currently, the training programme is only taught in Dutch. We are, however, open to exploring possibilities for sharing the information in English, for instance in international projects. If you're interested, please contact us via

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