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Designing Work for Inclusiveness

Author(s): Fred Zijlstra, Gemma van Ruitenbeek, Henny Mulders, Brigitte van Lierop
Publication date: Sunday, 15 October, 2017

The assumption that everyone should participate in society, implies that everyone is able to do so. To participate is usually equated to having a paid job; however, for a large group of people, paid jobs are not accessible as these jobs do not match their capacities.

This chapter describes an approach for organisations to create work for people currently unable to participate independently – to redesign work for inclusion. A social dialogue within organisations must be had for this to happen, as management and employees must agree that inclusion is the way forward. In this chapter, examples and underlying principles of the method may be found as well.

Source: Shaping Inclusive Workplaces Through Social Dialogue pp 121-137
Keyword(s): Arbeidsparticipatie , Competenties , herontwerp functies , Inclusief Herontwerp van Werk , Inclusieve arbeidsorganisatie , Participatie , Participatiewet , Personeelsbeleid , Werkgevers , Werknemers
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