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Disabilities at Work

Author(s): Fred Zijlstra & Henny Mulders
Publication date: Thursday, 24 February, 2022

People with disabilities have more problems in finding adequate employment than people without disabilities. In most countries, the law requires that people with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities to find a job. However, in the various stages of finding a job—selection and recruitment, hiring, and employment—there are hindrances that place people with disabilities in a disadvantaged position. There are various options in the application process (i.e. ‘open hiring’), or offering accommodations in the workplace that can help to overcome the barriers people with disabilities face. Making changes to the work processes and job design is a form of ‘workplace accommodations’ that can help to create a better fit between requirements of the job and the capabilities and competences of applicants with a disability. This generally works best if the focus is on human resources related problems and needs in organizations, and it is explored to what extent people with disabilities or chronic diseases can be part of the solution to these organizational human resources-related problems.

Source: Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Keyword(s): Arbeidsbeperkingen , Arbeidsparticipatie , Functiecreatie , Inclusief Herontwerp van Werk , Jobcarving , Werving en selectie

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