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Proefschrift: Caught somewhere in time: Het conceptualiseren, meten en voorspellen van duurzame inzetbaarheid

Author(s): Bram Fleuren
Publication date: Tuesday, 2 July, 2019

This dissertation aims to answer the central research question of how the sustainable employability of healthcare employees can be conceptualised, measured and predicted. The purpose of gaining insight into these topics is to facilitate healthcare employees’ ability to work longer in a healthy, happy and productive way. This is most relevant as it is imperative to maximise the labour participation of healthcare employees, particularly in light of population aging. At the same time, attaining healthily extended working lives for healthcare employees is complicated as they work in a constantly changing environment. This complex interplay of changes in several aspects of society makes the central research question of this dissertation both complex and relevant. The final chapter reflects on the dissertation’s main conclusions, their validity and implications, and provides directions for future research. Although several aspects of this dissertation and the context in which it was completed should be considered carefully, it may provide important first steps in addressing both sustainable employability in general and among healthcare employees.

Keyword(s): Duurzame inzetbaarheid