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Skills utilisation in the workplace: the other side of the coin

Author(s): Tabatha Griffin, Kristen Osborne and Patrick Lim (NCVER); Jan Kabátek (University of Melbourne)
Publication date: Tuesday, 16 November, 2021

This report investigates skill underutilisation in Australian workers by examining patterns of over-skilling and over-qualification and the pathways of people into jobs where they are over-skilled. It also examines what businesses are doing, if anything, to maximise skill usage. The research finds that around 19% of workers report that they are not using all their skills at work. Around 35% of workers are over-qualified, potentially contributing to this level of skill underutilisation. It also finds that while employers value the concept of skills usage, there are higher priorities, such as skills development.

Source: National Centre for Vocational Education Research
Keyword(s): Arbeidsmarkt , Kennismanagement , Onderzoek