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Taylor revisited: 'The right job for a man' - participative work (re)design for special need groups

Author(s): Henny Mulders en Fred Zijlstra
Publication date: Monday, 8 June, 2009

In all western economies social security is being transformed from a ‘passive compensation oriented insurance system’ to a system that activates people towards work participation. Organizations find themselves increasingly in the centre of this new social security system. ‘All that are able to work, should work’ is the new mantra. Organizations, however, are generally not prepared to employ people with special needs. There are two trends that prompt them to react and to anticipate, or rather: to be adaptive.
What is needed is a flexible and adaptive division of tasks, and appropriate ways of coordination between workers with high and less capacities to ensure a maximum organizational result (in terms of output and quality of goods and services).
One possible adaptive organizational strategy could be coined as: participative work (re)design.

Source: International Labour Organization
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